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Truth be told, I have never been a big fan of gambling and throwing away my hard-earned money, but I must admit that I think slot machines are a lot of fun! And for me personally, slots are one the best parts about going to a casino. I used to love hearing the sounds of the slot machines and the clinks of all the coins when they landed in the metal tray.  And there was just something about pulling that lever and watching those reels spin!! It was exhilarating!!!

Alas….slot machines have changed. Gone are those days of pulling the lever and hearing the coins as they fall into the metal tray. The levers have been replaced with push buttons and coins with tickets. Even so, slots are still one of the most popular casino games out there. They don’t require too much strategy and it’s a great way to engage in the art without “losing your shirt.“ slots

I created this site because I love slot machines. I learned a lot while putting it together and am excited to share my new found knowledge!! slotmachineguru.com will provide you with information regarding the many types of slots, some play strategies, odds and statistics, links where you can play online and much, much more!!

But let’s start out with some fun facts and myths about slot machines. At any time, feel free to click on the category links or search for more specific information.

Slot Machine Myths and Fun Facts

One of my favorite things to do in a casino is to watch the people who “stalk” slot machines. Like an animal lying in wait to pounce on their prey, they watch for those players who sit at the same machine and never receive a big payout. The second that person walks away, they jump on the machine determined that the big jackpot is going to happen any second and they will be there to reap the benefits!! This brings me to myth number one:

MYTH: If a slot machine has been played a long time without paying out, it is sure to hit.

This might have been the case back when mechanical slots were around but not so much today. Slot machines are regulated by what is called a Random Number Generator. And the name says it all—your odds of winning are RANDOM—no matter how long you’ve sat at a machine. It’s just that simple. Even so, the idea of ‘sniping’ someone’s machine makes the game all the more fun!

MYTH: If you win big on one machine, you should move on to a new one.

The previous explanation applies here, as well. With the Random Number Generator, you could hit the jackpot twice in a row.  Your odds are the same every time.

FUN FACT:  Even when the machine isn’t being played, it is constantly generating numbers.

The Random Number Generator process never stops. It is constantly producing numbers, so when you pull the lever or press the spin button, you will get whatever numbers are generated at that specific moment. The numbers correspond with the reels and the pictures, which are just there to make it fun!

11840625_sMYTH: There is greater opportunity to win if you play craps or blackjack.

The best way to dispel this myth is to take a look at the Gaming Revenue Report put out by the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board. In each section, the right-hand column displays the win percentage. For slot machines, dividing the total amount of winnings by the total dollar amount played generates this number. If you take a look at the statewide non-restricted locations (page 4), you will notice that for the 12 months spanning July 2011 – August 2012; the win percentage for blackjack is 10.97% and craps is 12.36%. Now look at the slots. 1-cent slots are 9.99%, 5-cent slots are 5.5% and 25-cent slots are 5.57%. You do the math.

MYTH: Casinos don’t like slot machine players.

I have heard one tall tale about casinos installing slot machines in order to keep the wives busy so their husbands can gamble their money away at table games like roulette, craps and blackjack. That is about as silly as it sounds. You can tell by looking again at the Gaming Revenue Report. Casinos can draw up to three times the money from slots as they do from the table games. Have you ever noticed just how many slot machines are in a casino? Surely they wouldn’t designate that kind of floor space to a game that they hate!!

FUN FACT: Las Vegas has nearly 200,00 slot machines.

According to the American Gaming Association, the United States has more than 800,00 slot machines!! The casinos claim 70% of those machines across the country, with Las Vegas at just under 200,000. Crazy!!!

MYTH: Slot machines pay out at the same rate, no matter the denomination.

Once again, let’s reference the Gaming Revenue Report, which holds a wealth of information. Slots with larger denominations have lower casino win percentages. What happens is that you play your money faster through the larger denomination slot machines. For the casinos, this means that a lower win percentage on a higher denomination slot will earn them the same as a higher percentage win on a lower denomination slot. The lower the win percentage for the casino means better odds of winning for the player. Even so, I still like playing penny slots just so I afford to play longer!!

FUN FACT:  The first slot machine was invented in 1895.

A car mechanic in San Francisco invented the first mechanical slot machine in the 1890’s. There are conflicting reports as to the actual year, but this mechanic’s name was Charles Fey and he called his machine the “Liberty Bell.” The Liberty bell slot machine was designed with 3 reels and contained images of spades, diamonds, hearts and of course, the Liberty Bell.

MYTH: Indian casino slot machines do not payout as well.

I can speak from experience on this one and the fact that Indian casino slots appear to payout better. I know many people who have been to Choctaw and Winstar World Casinos in Oklahoma who come home winners almost every time. 9187085_s They may not be millionaires, but they are winning. And the denomination of the slots is not even a factor. I have friends who play dollar slots and my mom is a big fan of the penny slots and she is frequent visitor and winner at Winstar.

FUN FACT: The highest slot machine payout on record is $38 million dollars!!!

38.7 million to be exact. I’ve seen conflicting information as to the year it happened but a player won this jackpot at the Excalibur hotel and casino on a $1 dollar progressive slot machine. And he only put in 3 one-dollar coins.